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National Insurance Wholesalers

 Providing main products lines: Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance and Annuities.

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Wealth Transfer Strategies, Making Large Insurance Amounts Affordable.

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Our team is experienced on doing what’s right for you. Come on in and see why others use Northstar.

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Providing you every tool needed to educate or sell the right products for your clients.

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Our Services

Online Permanent Quoting Engine

18 Carriers Available 24/7

In a Brokerage environment, creating life insurance proposals means working with multiple carriers, multiple clients and multiple illustrations. The last thing you need is multiple software systems.
Instead, introduce yourself to WinFlex Web, the illustration system designed to offer agents a single system for multiple carriers as well as the most popular advanced sales concepts including split dollar, executive compensation and group carve out. Types of illustrations that can be ran 24/7 (Indexed UL, Guaranteed UL, UL, Whole Life, and Term products)!

2 Term Life Quote Engines

42 Carriers Available 24/7

Northstar Brokerage provides the most competitive term life products available to you as a contracted professional representative of Northstar Brokerage. All term insurance data is updated monthly and is categorized by insurance company, current product features, underwriting guidelines & requirements state approvals, and ratings. You will be able to customize your own quotes by entering illustration information. All quotes can be sent directly to your printer.

Online Long Term Care Quote Engine

Northstar provides the most competitive Long Term Care carriers available to you as a contracted Northstar Broker. You will be able to customize your own quotes by entering illustration information. All quotes can sent directly to your desktop printer. Northstar currently has 11 online carriers available 24/7 and multiple desktop carriers.

Annuity Database 24/7

Northstar provides you with Carrier & Product Information with just about every annuity carrier in the industry. Our database will give you MYGA, Fixed, Fixed Index, SPIA & Fixed & a
Index Hypothetical Calculator!

2 Online Forms Engine 24/7

Life, Annuity, Disability, LTC Forms, upon insurance company approval. brokers may print directly from your agency's web site, all the forms required for the completion of a life insurance application



Northstar Brokerage has rolled out a New Premium Finance Platform

ZS Zero Case Split

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