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About Northstar Brokerage


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National Insurance Wholesalers

 Providing main products lines: Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance and Annuities.

Premium Financing

Wealth Transfer Strategies, Making Large Insurance Amounts Affordable.

Navigating the Future

Our team is experienced on doing what’s right for you. Come on in and see why others use Northstar.

Your Virtual Office

Providing you every tool needed to educate or sell the right products for your clients.

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"Discover Your Future... Navigate with Northstar Brokerage."
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About Northstar Brokerage

Northstar Brokerage is a nationally recognized and award winning BGA and Premium Finance Case Design and Funding Specialist. Independent Advisors, Broker Dealers and National Networks of BGA’s/IMO’s/FMO’s actively seek out Northstar Brokerage for our unparalleled expertise in Premium Finance and Advanced Markets case design, product and financial underwriting guidance coupled with our outstanding backroom service and marketing support.


Our Corporate slogan is:

"Discover Your Future... Navigate with Northstar Brokerage."


Our mission is to help each Independent Advisor, Broker Dealer and National BGA/IMO/FMO achieve the highest possible level of production while providing the most suitable and highly innovative solutions for clients. From medical and financial underwriting guidance to product and strategy recommendation and implementation Northstar Brokerage provides only “Best in Class” services coupled with a strict adherence to the highest code of ethics, integrity and professionalism.

Independent Advisors, Broker Dealers and National Networks of BGA’s/IMO’s/FMO’s are truly the foundation of our success and serve as our daily motivation to make sure each relationship achieves maximum success. We honor and respect your choice in who earns your business and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

Team Bio:


personel bio pic(Kim Coulter - President & CEO):


personel bio pic(Pamela Coulter - VP of Operations):

Licensing & Contracting, New Business Processing,


personel bio pic(Pat Coulter - VP of Marketing, Premium Finance, Life, DI):

Premium Finance, Life, DI Illustrations, Product Information,
Website and Technical Support


personel bio pic(Jeffrey Sanders - Annuity Marketing):

Annuity Illustrations, Information and Forms


personel bio pic(AnnMarie Lesniak - Life, LTC,DI Marketing):

Long Term Care Illustration, Information and Forms


personel bio pic(George H Chant III - General Counsel):

General Counsel


personel bio pic(Stephanie Ford -Administrative Assistant/New Business):

Front Office, Receptionist, Phones, New Business Processing,


personel bio pic(Garrett Kohlman - New Business Assistant):

New Business Processing


personel bio pic(Jessica Gionet - Executive Assistant):

Payroll, Bookkeeper, A/P, A/R, Travel, State Licenses



Northstar Brokerage has rolled out a New Premium Finance Platform

ZS Zero Case Split

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