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 Providing main products lines: Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance and Annuities.

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Disability Product Information

For several years Northstar Brokerage has been providing professional Advisors with disability products & service. We represent 4 of the leading disability insurance carriers; as a result we can provide you with multiple quotes giving you the best opportunity to sell your clients a quality disability insurance product.
Whether your client is a physician, executive, dentist, business owner, construction worker, or driver we provide one-stop shopping for all your clients. We will help you from the beginning with field-underwriting, illustrating, point-of-sale material, and completing the application. The experience and knowledge you gain working with us will help you eliminate unnecessary delays in the future making your sales and your relationship with your clients that much better.


List of Carriers

Metlife United of Omaha Principal Life Assurity

Northstar Brokerage has rolled out a New Premium Finance Platform

ZS Zero Case Split

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